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Friday, December 10, 2004

The Admirable Crichton.....

At last, 'global warming' is really taken as fiction in Michael Crichton's new blockbuster, State of Fear (out November, 2004). We should all send a copy to Tony B. for his Christmas stocking.

Here is the great Homo jurassicus himself talking about his doubts over 'global warming' theory and about his new thriller on yesterday evening's BBC flagship arts programme: 'Front Row' (BBC Radio 4, December 9) [N.B. today, click on 'Listen to this programme', where it is the first main item; after this evening, however, it will be under 'Previously on Front Row'].

This is going to make finding Christmas prezzies jolly easy this year. Here is the book at Amazon, UK; and at Amazon, US. Go buy, and send to everyone you know! This is the best riposte ever to a certain notorious movie, and it is out there now, not the day after tomorrow.

[Hat tip to the splendid Ophelia Benson over at the equally-admirable 'Butterflies and Wheels' for letting me know about the 'Front Row' interview with Mark Lawson.]

Philip, looking forward to the howls of horror as Crichton's mythbuster hits the book shops. Seasonal toasts all round!

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