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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Boris the Bold tells it as it is .....

A truly glorious piece from our very own Boris the Bold. This is Boris Johnson at his best, blending his Etonian classical education with wit and some surprisingly down-to-earth sense about the Indian Ocean catastrophe: 'We futilely yearn for someone to blame' (The Daily Telegraph, December 30):

"In this largely godless age, we have a more subtle interpretation of the relation between human excess and natural disaster. Our new high priests are the environmentalists and, when the icebergs calve early or the swallows fly the wrong way, it is they who cry woe and say that it is a judgment on us all, and our wicked ways; and that is why, in the case of a colossal undersea earthquake, you can sense the silent frustration of the told-you-so scientists.

Whatever you say about the slipping of tectonic plates on the sea-bed off Sumatra, it had nothing to do with global warming. It was not caused by decadent use of Right Guard, or George W Bush, or the flouting of the Kyoto Protocol, or inadequate enforcement of the Windows and Doors Regulation of April 2002..."

Boris is so correct. The deliberate abuse and mis-use of serious natural events and phenomena over the last twenty or so years by environmentalists has been one of the most morally distasteful aspects of our age. If you hear anyone trying to link 'global warming' with the current terrible, and largely unavoidable, tragedy, then let them know just what you think of them. I find such blatant opportunism abhorrent.


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