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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Deconstructing the International Climate Change Taskforce.....

The Diplomad blog has done us all a service by deconstructing without mercy the dire report from the ever-so-self-important International Climate Change Taskforce: 'Fight global warming: turn on the A/C & open the windows' (The Diplomad, January 26). Here is a sample:

"'While no amount of climate change is safe [my italic] and many communities, such as those in Arctic regions and low-lying island states, are already experiencing adverse impacts, scientific evidence suggests that there is a threshold of temperature increase above which the extent and magnitude of the impacts of climate change increase sharply. No one can say with certainty what that threshold is, but it is important that we make an educated judgment at this time based on the best available science.'"

NO CLIMATE CHANGE AT ALL! The world's climate has NEVER EVER changed -- until evil man showed up and started doing stuff. And while 'scientific evidence suggests a threshold of temperature' we have no friggin idea what it is, but we're not going to be deterred from doing something just because we don't know what we're doing!"

Now read the whole. It brings tears to the eyes. Sadly, however, this is too serious to laugh away. How can we allow such shallow stuff to mould world policies? The fight for sanity is both urgent and desperate. The real danger is not climate change, but such pontificating puritans, if that is not an oxymoron.

Additionally, read the further cruel deconstruction by Tim Worstall: 'Meeting the climate challenge?' (TCS, January 25):

"Another day, another report on global warming and climate change. (Sigh)....."

"Allow me to translate that for you. We have decided to take an arbitrary number, 2 oC, set the baseline at the bottom of the Little Ice Age, immediately after the Maunder Minimum, mix in every scare story we can think of to scare the f[a]ecal matter out of you rubes and if you don't listen carefully to us important people we'll hold our breaths until we turn blue. (We might also note that no one, no one at all, thinks that human influence on the climate started in 1750 AD. Try 8,000 BC with the invention of agriculture.)"

Philip, increasingly angry that science can be so abused. We must keep on fighting for sanity. But lunch first, of course.

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