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Thursday, January 06, 2005

May they rot in hell.....

The Infernal Times, Thorsday

Motto: 'Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni'

Our Red Top Headline Today: 'Virgil shows Dante new lost souls in the Circles of Hell'

We report that Satan has added the following to the Circles of Hell (see 'A Map of Dante's Hell'):

Above and in Upper Hell, for sins conditioned by appetite:

In the Vestibules of the Pusillanimous:

Those who seek to exploit earthquake, tsunami, fire and flood for their own political ends and agendas.

In Money-grubbery:

Those who seek to exploit human tragedy by cheap money-grubbery, to con kind generosity by e-mail, letter or telephone scam.

In Lower Hell, for sins conditioned by malice:

In the Chasms of Fraud, Circle 8:

Those who pledge to give for the aid of disaster victims, but who never honour their pledge;

Those who mis-use, or appropriate, monies and services freely given for the aid of disaster victims;

Those who send hoax e-mails to the relatives of possible disaster victims;

Those who mis-use futurology to terrify people.

In the Pit of Cocytus, Circle 9, for the vilest of all treachery:

Those who seek to procure orphaned children for evil intent - "And whoever shall occasion the fall of one of these little ones..., he would be better off if, with a millstone round his neck, he were lying at the bottom of the sea." (The Gospel According to St. Mark, Chapter 9, 42).

Quote of the Day

"I saw people plunged in excrement
Which seemed as if it had flowed out of a cesspit."
(The Inferno, Canto XVIII, 113-114)

[Translations from Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy taken from C. H. Sisson for Oxford World Classics, 1980]

Here is a complete translation available online of the The Divine Comedy by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Everypoet.com).

See also this excellent blog by Norman Geras: 'A condition of emergency' (January 6).

Philip, wretching as the stones are turned over by the Indian Ocean disaster. Yet, there has also been such bravery and generosity - "And then we emerged to see the stars again."

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