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Sunday, January 09, 2005

The sinister left dextrously analysed.....

A trenchant piece from Nick Cohen in today's The Observer (January 9): 'Cowards of the left' (differently headlined in the print version: 'Our illiberal elite'):

"Many don't want to acknowledge the breakdown. Times when old certainties fall apart are unsettling. They force people to decide what they believe in: Do you want priests to be able to control 'their' people? Are you for fascism? If you answer 'no' to both questions, you will undoubtedly find when the battle is joined that you will have to spend as much time fighting the left as the right."

Well worth the read.

Philip, wondering what the story is behind that change of headline? Hm! Coughee and comfort for my cold! Aaaaaaaachooo!

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