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Friday, January 14, 2005

So much for the future of British science.....

An important and worrying piece from Josie Appleton over at Sp!ked: 'Taking the spark out of science' (Sp!ked, January 13):

"Health and safety concerns are putting a dampener on school science practicals. A survey of teachers and scientists finds that everything from keeping snails to swabbing for cheek cells, running model steam engines to burning peanuts, is now being avoided because it is seen as too risky. The result is that children are being turned off science - with experts fearing for the next generation of chemists and physicists."

Oh dear! We are becoming such a wet and pathetic generation. People seem to want to squeeze the spark out of all living and learning. Without risk, there is no life, just a vegetable existence. Probably suit the politicians, mind you.

Philip, with apologies for the slow blogging - I have been busy broadcasting and speaking in schools (despite being a clear risk!).

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