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Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Sunday Telegraph 3, The Observer 0, and please write to The Observer.....

In today's climate-change challenge cup match between two Sunday heavyweight newspapers (try lifting them off the doorstep!), for once The Sunday Telegraph wins hands down against the The Observer. And this is not just because The Observer report is often just plain wrong - for example, it totally misrepresents my own (I hope nuanced) position on climate change but even more so that of poor Professor Lomborg (it can't even spell his name correctly). Yet, more worryingly, The Observer rises little above the hype and even seems to be seeking to censor certain commentators, whereas The Sunday Telegraph addresses seriously and thoughtfully economic and political realities. Here then are both articles for you to read, to compare and to contrast:

'The danger is hot air, not global warming' (The Sunday Telegraph, January 30);

'How we put the heat on nature' (The Observer, January 30).

If you have a moment, and feel moved to do so, I should be most grateful if you could send a 'Letter to the Editor' of The Observer to correct points in their article. Your e-mail letter should be short, it must include a full name and postal address, and it should be sent to the following e-mail address by 5pm on Thursday at the latest, with 'Letter to the Editor' in the subject field: letters@observer.co.uk [You should also mention the name of the article, its date, and the fact that it appears on p.18 of the newspaper.]

Philip, thank you for any assistance you can give. Coffee time.

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