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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Up-beet research on GM in the UK.....

A nice report from Alex Kirby on the new scientific study just published: 'Management of GM herbicide-tolerant sugar beet for spring and autumn environmental benefit' - 'GM beet "can benefit environment"' (BBC Science/Nature News, January 19):

"Some genetically-modified crops can be managed in a way that is beneficial to wildlife, a UK research team believes.

Their work, published by the Royal Society, says there is 'conclusive evidence' of benefits to wildlife from GM sugar beet crops.

They say their findings mean everyone involved in the debate about GM crops should rethink where they now stand."

Some hope. The luddites do not wish to hear evidenced-based research findings. Oh for a more positive world.

Now, I really like the picture of the dormouse - looks just like the good Alex K. himself!

Philip, thinking, like the dormouse, of lunch and a snooze.

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