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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What a load of crystal balls.....

During the last two weeks, the British media has gone utterly bonkers over 'global warming' and they have threatened us with every manner of future climatic disaster. Just feel free to take your pick from the following:-

(1) we will become a desert, with our land as cracked and as parched as a pub without warm beer;

(2) we will suffer more and more devastating floods and flooding as precipitation levels increase, so that only the web-footed folk of remote Fenland villages will be able to survive;

(3) we are just about managing to stave off another Ice Age by our mammoth emissions of carbon dioxide and methane, but an Ice Age is still due and we are inhabiting Cold Comfort Farm;

(4) we are about to suffer an immediate plunge into an Ice Age world through the dilution of the Gulf Stream effect so that Vera Drake's soap-and-water will be frozen in the syringe before she can do any more damage.

What a load of old crystal balls! Madame Zara at the Midsomer Annual Fete could do better, if she were not, of course, first murdered by a ball from the coconut shy (Americans will have to await 'Masterpiece Theatre' to understand this reference to jolly old Blighty).

But more seriously: does this bring any credibility to science? It is a disgrace and a farce; the climate-change debate in the UK is becoming more risible by the day both for scientists and for the media. I do hope the British public can see through the miasma. I am sorry Mr. Blair: your climate-change hysteria is going to end in tears before bedtime.

Philip, watching the farce from the wings with increasing despair. This is a no star production. Coffee mate?

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