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Saturday, February 05, 2005

At last some critical climate-change reporting in a serious British magazine.....

It is good to see this piece in the highly-influential The Economist magazine: 'Hotting up: the debate over global warming is getting rancorous' (The Economist, February 4):
"The debate over the economics of warming is, if such a thing were possible, even more robust than the one over the science. The IPCC has come under attack for its scenarios of future growth. One chief sin is the reliance by IPCC modellers on market-based exchange rates instead of purchasing-power parity, which adjust wealth according to domestic purchasing power—which many economists believe is more accurate. That, says David Henderson, an economist at London’s Westminster Business School, leads to unrealistic projections for economic growth and therefore emissions growth. He and Ian Castles provided the IPCC with detailed critiques....."

"Despite the arrival of Kyoto, the debate and dissent of recent weeks suggests that the treaty has not produced the world of self-confident greens and smothered critics feared by Dr Crichton. In fact, the contrary seems to be true."

Philip, hoping to make the debate even more rancorous. Coffee.

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