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Monday, February 14, 2005

Do not miss this wonderful vote.....

The ever-splendid Oz-blogger, Tim Blair, has the most hilarious vote on the Kyoto Protocol. Do not miss such a democratic opportunity:

'How will you celebrate ratification of the Kyoto Protocol?' (vote on the left-hand side of the screen). Here are the options the appropriately-named Blair thoughtfully provides so that you can cogitate before you vote:
* Sacrifice first-born to appease furious Gaia;

* Big 'THANK YOU NICE PEOPLE' in lead-based paint on local Greenpeace office;

* Honour first Australians by incinerating 100 hectares of old-growth forest;

* Invent the "Bob Brown", a cocktail made with vodka, lime, and soil;

* Grill huge clam steaks carved from the flanks of genetically-interbred mollusc cows that rove the ocean floor feasting on delicious coral;

* Continue to work towards ratification of crucial Takayama, Kurashiki, and Hyogo Prefecture Protocols;

* Write dull opinion piece about 'urgent need for US and Australia to join rest of world.'

Philip, "What larks, Pip." I'm off for a mollusc-cow steak (medium rare) to eat under my patio heater. How rib-tickling.

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