A Weblog monitoring coverage of environmental issues and science in the UK media. By Professor Emeritus Philip Stott. The aim is to assess whether a subject is being fairly covered by press, radio, and television. Above all, the Weblog will focus on science, but not just on poor science. It will also bring to public notice good science that is being ignored because it may be politically inconvenient.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Please do visit.....

The 'A Parliament of Things' web site is now fully up-and-running, with four big contributions on the first full contents' page, 'Nature and Society'. Many more contents' pages will be added during the next couple of weeks.

I do hope you can find a moment to visit. There is a Guestbook for both private and public comment.

Philip, enjoying putting together a pukka web site, as well as doing his daily blog. "I think I now deserve two cups of coffee?" Self-indulgence all round. "And two biscuits?" "No, a banana, dear. It's better for you!" (Sigh!).

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