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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Car Wars: Episode III - The Revenge of the Suvs (2005)

In a galaxy far, far away.....

The newly-elected President Toxic of the Texanian Republic, a Suv Lord not yet fully-revealed, is planning to control the forthcoming Galactic Council to be held at Ptera Gorge in Tartania. His Suv servants, like Darth Harlan, are already abroad in the galaxy clouding issues and emitting smoke screens around their Master's cunning plans.....

Meanwhile, the Uropian Federation has been disabled by dissent and greed. Chancellor Yoeder of Frankfurtia, a Rotgrun Master and Kyotian Knight, is increasingly challenged by the Lady Thatchangela, the, as yet, hidden Suv twin of President Toxic's galactic assistant, Darth Condo. The Nons of the elite planet, Gaullois, are fighting the Ouids, who support the Federation. Corruption is rife on many planets, with Berlo the Capanna controlling all trade and communications in Pizzania, while galactic bureaucrats squabble at the heart of the Federation. Many newly-federated planets are closet friends of Texania.

Even on Novolaboro, the one true planet, a rebel Suv army, under the command of General Topgearous, is destabilizing the atmosphere for diplomatic action. His 4x4 droid army grows stronger by the day, despite Anti-Suv Zones having been established in the capital city of Livingstonia. In addition, President Antonius Blatherius has been severely weakened through recent elections, in which the bitter Brunonians have played a strong hand, and by war in the Eastern Galaxy.

Moreover, the Knights of the Kyotian Order have been scattered, Kyotian temples and younglings surviving only in Lyratown and Granitania, although the independent Guardianistas of the G8 Force are defiant, despite declining influence.

Savonarola Moonbat and Obi-Rex Kenobi remain strong and uncorrupted, and these alone are ready to serve their President as the darkness falls.....

[Cue: crescendo in music]

Read on: The G8 Force in the Galaxy.

Philip, what a sithuation. Wait to see the film, I can't..... Coffee first, of course. "R57-D908? Where are you? Turn on that patio heater, Droidie." TFBWY.

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