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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Comment of the day.....

On: BBC Ceefax 145 (6), 19 May, 2005:

From Dr. John Etherington:
"The Sustainable Development Commission says we must have wind power to provide 10% of electricity from renewables by 2010. Why? Certainly not to 'combat climate change'.

DEFRA's own projection is a saving of 9.2 million tonnes of CO2 emission by 2010. This is less than four ten-thousandths of world emission, cannot measurably change global CO2 concentration and only a gullible idiot would believe it could deflect 'global warming'". [my italic]

As ever, John is bang on the button.

Philip, increasingly amazed at the range of "gullible idiots" who think wind energy can save the world. It is so patently daft that it beggars belief. "Tea?" "Oh! What a cute teapot? I've never seen one with a little wind farm on the lid to keep it warm." "Stirring again, Stott!"

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