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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Fast-breeding conspiracies.....

It had to come. The nuclear power conspiracy theorists have been fast breeding in the 'Green' left reactors, and their big megawatt output station is, of course, the New Statesman: 'The nuclear charm offensive' (New Statesman, May 23):
"We are all being taken in by a carefully planned public relations strategy. Its mission: to push nuclear power back on the political agenda, rebranded as the new 'green' alternative."

Yea! Yea!
"What had happened was that a group of journalists had taken the bait offered them by a few canny public relations experts. It was a spectacular PR coup, but how had it happened and who was behind it?"

Cue! Dark, dramatic, blade-running music.

Of course, the fact that there may be a sound case for re-considering nuclear power seems to have passed by such spin-obsessed brains. And what power generator doesn't spin (especially wind)? Enrons all round.

Moreover, what weak journalists. Pathetic. Taken in by PR, I ask you. Wake up lads and lassies: this is the real world, not Nutwood.

And why shouldn't the pro-nuclear bods take advantage of the excessive hype over 'global warming'? The leftie Greenies and the Chicken Little environmentalists have, after all, given nuclear a gift. They're bound to react.

The 'New Statesman', by the way, is running a vote on the question of nuclear power (top right of page: 'Does nuclear power meet our future energy needs?'). Time to help the conspiracy along, I deem. EnviroSpinners, please do take a moment to vote there.

Philip, unspun, and still for nuclear power in the medium term. But lunch first - and then for that blast of a Cup Final!

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