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Monday, May 23, 2005

Green middle class solipsism brings tears to the eyes.....

Oh dear! Why are journalists so daft? Today, I am unable to better Scott Burgess' supreme blog on the 'Green Goddess', Ms Janice Turner, of The (normally much saner) Times, over at The Daily Ablution (May 23): 'Green Times columnist unrepentant after ravaging US ecosystem':
"Ms. Turner thus manages to combine her eco-hypocrisy with breathtaking stupidity, believing as she apparently does that the greenhouse gasses emitted from her giant SUV will remain in place above the United States - deservedly choking the profligate citizenry perhaps, but having no effect whatsoever on Gaia as a whole.

Remind me, please - which circle of the Inferno is reserved for the pious hypocrites? And is there some kind of dispensation for being just plain dumb?"

A gem of postmodern, middle class, metro self-deception. Wet, wet, wet.

Philip, off to see the Sith! "Help! There are the thought cops. The force is with me..." Revenge is sweet. "The least sith the better."

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