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Monday, May 30, 2005

Max Hastings talks consummate sense.....

Today, the normal gloom of the Groaniad is, for once, lifted by the resplendent Max Hastings writing on nuclear power and wind farms:

'Forget about wind farms. Nuclear power is the future' (The Guardian, May 30):
"Nobody can propose a credible alternative energy source that is anything like as environmentally acceptable. Anyone who supposes that wind turbines can meet demand is a mathematical duffer. A wind farm the size of Dartmoor would be required to provide the energy of one nuclear plant. In the past, atomic power has been very costly, but in the future it is reckoned that it will be cheaper than fossil fuels if oil prices exceed $28 a barrel (the current price is $50)."

"Mathematical duffer!" Just so. This reminds me of that telling, if slightly naughty, observation: "Remember those kids at school who couldn't do science. Well, they became environmentalists."

Good stuff, Max. Yomp on.

Philip, pleased to have Max's sunnier view on a rather wet and cloudy Bank Holiday. Coffee, but indoors, I fear.

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