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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Polly's statistics deconstructed.....

The Daily Ablution also lays into Polly Toynbee's extraordinary statistics: 'Coldplay, Radiohead Dispute the Nature of Absolute Evil; A Lesson in Polemics' (The Daily Ablution, 26 May - scroll down to the second part of the post, on 'A Lesson in Polemics'; see also my own blog of yesterday, below).

Philip, wondering if the sub lost a few zeros? Just back from some urban ornithology. Feathered, yes. Did you know that more than 330 bird species are recorded for London? And with a bit of warming, this number should grow. Tea in the garden with Jenny wren. "Oooh! Look! A bee eater!" Gives one quite a buzz.

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