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Monday, May 02, 2005

Quotes of the Day.....

All the quotes for today are taken from a quite superb analysis by Graham Searjeant writing in The Times ('Business' Section, May 2): 'We have to give growth the thumbs up':

"Raising petrol taxes or reducing car use in Britain will not save our planet. Quite apart from self-interest, if raising Western industrial energy costs loses business to China, carbon dioxide emissions would rise." [my italic]

"To meet the Kyoto long-term targets that the countries signed up for, cuts would on current projections need to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions altogether by 2050. Even if America made its contribution, the target would be incompatible with growth in developing countries on present technologies."

"But there is not the slightest chance of stopping the momentum of global markets. For the three billion people of China, East Asia, and the Indian sub-continent, rising living standards are being achieved largely through trade....This means they depend on rising demand from richer countries."

"Today, as in the 1960s, dreaming of zero growth just diverts us from the task."

Thank goodness for some economic reality. The Times has become increasingly sane on 'global warming' and energy. By contrast, The Groaniad and The Independent live in cloud-cuckooland. Well done, The Times.

Philip, always seeking sanity over Britain's future energy requirements. Now I need a Musa to fuel my own morning? Coffee and banana, everyone?

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