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Saturday, May 07, 2005

"Yes, Minister!" Energy's back in fashion.....

EnviroSpin is doing well. We predicted that the debate on energy policy would come to the fore as soon as Mr. Blair had cleared the election hurdle. And so it has.

The first sign that energy is to become a serious issue once again was demonstrated within 12 hours of Mr. Blair's historic re-election, with the re-naming of 'Trade and Industry' as 'Secretary of State for Productivity, Energy and Industry' (here is the new Cabinet, BBC News, May 6). Moreover, the job has been given to one of the most reliable of ministers, and a known Blairite moderniser, the excellent Alan Johnson, a man with his feet on solid ground.

The revised name says it all. This will be a New Labour government, which will focus on maintaining British competitiveness and on supporting industry that has been suffering visibly in recent months - witness both Rover and Marconi.

Moreover, there is 'energy', at the core. This follows the pre-election call by a number of industry luminaries for a Ministry of Energy.

I'm delighted. It is a sensible re-start to government, and a move in the correct direction. Now, the nuclear power and energy debate can begin in earnest.....

Philip, "Time to focus on energy, Humpy." "Yes, Prime Minister." "Coffee in the garden. The sun is out, the laburnum is in golden flower, and the birds are warbling." "Spring is sprung,/ The Blair is ris',/ I wonder where/ The Howard is?" "Very droll, Bernard."

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