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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Balance and debate? Not for our fundamentalist Channel 4 'News'.....

I have just watched one of the worst news reports ever about the G8 discussions over 'global warming'. As you may know, documents have been leaked today that purport to show that Mr. Blair isn't having it all his own way over climate change. Indeed, it appears that there may even be a smidgen of scientific and economic caution and common sense being built into the final version of the G8 document. Thank goodness, some of us might add.

But not on Channel 4 'News' (19.00, June 16), of course, which was nothing less than a biased and totally unbalanced attack on the US and on the drafters (actors filmed darkly) of the document. The take was also clearly designed to bring yet further pressure on Mr. Blair (who might, however, have other things on his mind this evening). Two interviews were included, one with a spokesperson for FoE and the other with Michael Meacher of all people. Utterly incredible (and some people think the Beeb is unbalanced! This was in a different league). What about the many scientists and economists who have genuine and serious doubts about the whole agenda, never mind about various parts of the agenda? Here was the oxymoron of elite liberal European fundamentalism excluding all other voices.

What I watched was, in truth, a religious broadcast, masquerading as 'news' reporting. This was the religion of 'global warming' in its most fundamentalist and raw form, and we all know the deep dangers of such fundamentalism. If critical scientists and economists, and our friends from across the pond, want to learn what rationality is currently up against here in the UK, then this was it in spades.

This Channel 4 'news' item was a disgrace to British television.

Philip, very angry at such blatant bias. Time for a snifter, and for the 'BBC Cardiff Singer of the Year 2005'. Let's hope for some Mozart to calm the seared soul. Magic flutes all round. Or, should I bring down the Queen of the Night on Channel 4 'News' and all its works?

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