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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Canada goose.....

This old goose is now Canada-bound for a short migration. So expect a brief lacuna in my sonorous honking, belonging, as I do, to the 'Cackling Goose' geographical race. I am looking forward to nesting in Stanley Park. I refuse, however, to moult on golf courses.

Expect some Grizzly 'Home Thoughts' (if you can bear them) from a Virtual Vancouver and a Rodeo of Ripostes from Calgary. At least, I shall miss the growing heatwave (G8 on the Ruction Scale) predicted for the UK, and especially for poor-old Scotland. Gordon Browns all round.

[And a special message for dear George 'Savonarola' Monbiot (for it is he): "I'm flying three times to get to a very special wedding. So there! Go and put your kettle on."]

In the meantime, until I report from Gastown, do read this splendid essay by Thomas R. DeGregori on: 'Magic vs. Modernity' (June 18), over at the ever-stimulating Butterflies and Wheels.

Philip, honk, honk... some lovely Albertan geese honking and cackling here: 'Canada Goose (Branta canadensis)'. Do take a gander.

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