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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hamlet: "Kyoto not to be" - Europe stars yet again.....

Well! Well! European hypocrisy continues to know no bounds - something is rotten in the state of Denmark (so much for all that wind power). Just look - here are the latest, updated Danish statistics on its Kyoto Protocol targets: 'Progress [now that is an optimistic word] toward the Kyoto targets: Greenhouse gases' (NERI, Denmark, May 2005):
"The table shows the Danish emission of greenhouse gases calculated in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol.....together with the changes compared to the base year. According to the EU Burden Sharing Agreement under the Kyoto Protocol Denmark is legally bound to reduce the emissions by 21% calculated on the basis of the base year emissions. In 2003 Denmark has increased the emissions by 6.2%." [my emphasis]

So, no swan here - Denmark remains an ugly duckling. Time for a Hamlet cigar?

Philip, back from bohemian Brighton (well, that's one word for it), remaining gobsmacked at Europe's effrontery in chiding the US. I knew Denmark was a great country for fairy stories.

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