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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Iffy and grandstanding 'global warming' - a serious article that says it all.....

Being away in Canada, one frets a tad that one has not been able to do one's daily bit to halt the flood of 'global warming' rhetoric and rubbish in the UK and elsewhere. But today, The Washington Post, of all newspapers, carries a seminal piece. One could do no better. So everybody, just read this - and pray for such common sense and logic to begin to mature the infantile debate in the UK media:

'Greenhouse hypocrisy' (The Washington Post, June 29):
"Almost a decade ago I suggested that global warming would become a 'gushing' source of political hypocrisy. So it has. Politicians and scientists constantly warn of the grim outlook, and the subject is on the agenda of the upcoming Group of Eight summit of world economic leaders. But all this sound and fury is mainly exhibitionism - politicians pretending they're saving the planet. The truth is that, barring major technological advances, they can't (and won't) do much about global warming. It would be nice if they admitted that, though this seems unlikely.

Europe is the citadel of hypocrisy.....

.....What we have now is a respectable charade. Politicians and advocates make speeches, convene conferences and formulate plans. They pose as warriors against global warming. The media participate in the resulting deception by treating their gestures seriously. One danger is that some of these measures will harm the economy without producing significant environmental benefits. Policies motivated by political gain will inflict public pain. Why should anyone applaud?"

Iffy science, European hypocrisy, political grandstanding and exhibitionism, a sensible focus on energy and technology, and a balanced view of the nature of climate change ... there is only one other thing to add, for many the most unpalatable truth: on this issue, President Bush has got it just about right!

Philip, eagerly beavering away to cut down logs to dam up all the UK gushing. It's time to pulp The Gloomiad and The Indy for my new Lodge. "Salmonberries for tea, everyone?" "What's that in The Daily Gnaw then?"

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