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Friday, June 17, 2005

Kiwis in trouble over Kyoto - Opposition calls for withdrawal from the Protocol.....

It appears that, while Kiwis can play rugby, they can't add up: 'Labour admits $1b botch-up' (New Zealand Stuff, June 17):
"Opposition parties are calling for New Zealand to pull out of the Kyoto Protocol after a shock report yesterday found that the Government's calculations of New Zealand's net greenhouse gas emissions were out by millions of tonnes.

The recalculation of New Zealand's liabilities means that the Government may have to pay more than $500 million in carbon charges in 2012. Previously, officials believed New Zealand would hold a $500m credit by 2012....."

And: 'Billion Dollar blowout' (The New Zealand Herald, June 18):
"Taxpayers will be at least $1 billion worse off under revised Government estimates of the costs of the Kyoto treaty to combat global warming."

The list of failing signatories grows longer by the day, the most recent being Denmark ("Fairy tales all round") and Switzerland ("William Tell misses target"), and now New Zealand.

As was expected, the unreality and costs of Kyoto are beginning to show. I say take a(n) Haka to it.....

Philip, an All Black day for the 'global warmers'. Collapsing scrums all round. "Hey! Ref! Time to call 'No Side'." Tea?

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