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Monday, June 13, 2005

Letter of the moment.....

Today, there is a simple, but highly effective, 'Letter to the Editor' in The Financial Times from a Mr. Tim Hammond: 'A long way to go in the global warming debate' (The Financial Times, June 13). Mr. Hammond concludes:
"This is no way to conduct a scientific debate. Nor should we non-scientists be taken in by those who shout loudest and or those who shout from the highest towers.

There is a long way to go yet before the proponents of global warming convince everyone."

Mr. Hammond is a non-scientist. As I travel around the the country, I encounter the views he has expressed so well among a wide range of ordinary folk who remain deeply sceptical both of government spin on 'global warming' and of the strong-arm tactics of some leading scientific bodies. Ecohype can backfire badly.

It would thus appear that down-to-earth common sense can grasp what some over-heated scientists are unable to discern.

Philip, off to breakfast in the garden with the thrushes, which seem to be on a 'snailfest' this morning. Bash, bash, bash! Gastronomy indeed! It's a bit like a Gastropub out there - 'The Slug and Barrowboy'. "I'll stick with my cereal, thanks, Mr. Throstle." And what is that big yellow ball? Haven't seen that for a while.....

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