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Monday, June 20, 2005

Risk, science and society.....

An exceptional listen (audio on): today's edition of 'Start the Week' (BBC Radio 4, June 20: for all this week, choose: 'Listen to the most recent Start the Week'; after next Monday, choose: 'Previous Programmes', 20 June 2005). [Includes Lord Winston, one of the UK's leading scientists. He is concerned that scientists do not always understand, or give sufficient importance to, the ethical concerns that society might have about their work. His lecture, 'Should we trust the scientists?', is at Guildhall in London this evening.]

A good read to go with the above: the admirable Ben Goldacre on 'Risky business' (The Guardian, June 20):
"Competence always looks better from a distance, but I have a confession to make: I'm a doctor, and I just don't understand most of the stories on health risks in the news. I don't mean I can't understand the fuss. I mean I literally can't understand what they're trying to communicate to me....."

Philip, for once, an encouraging start to the week. The BBC discussion made such a refreshing change. A happy coffee for elevenses.

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