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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Can The Guardian sink any lower?.....

In yesterday's 'Society' Section, The Guardian (September 7) surely plumbed the depths... yet again: Eco Sounding, 'Silver Lining' (scroll down):

"Whatever Hurricane Katrina's long-term effect on the way America thinks about global warming and oil dependency, it is probably going to make GM animal feed more expensive in Europe. Almost all US maize and soya goes through New Orleans and the port of Destrehan, and nothing is expected out for some time because of silting in the Mississippi. This should cheer up anti-GM activists in Britain who have been trying to persuade supermarkets to stick with non-GM supplies and not to accept produce that has been given GM feed."

This exemplifies to perfection the moral cesspit in which the Green 'Left' now mires itself. [If you would like to complain to The Guardian about allowing so gratuitous and insensitive a comment to appear in the newspaper, please do so by e-mailing The Readers' Editor at: reader@guardian.co.uk]

No wonder the sales of The Guardian have been plummeting. After 30 years of taking what was once a very fine newspaper, my wife and I cancelled our order a year ago. We have been a great deal happier ever since.

Philip, increasingly angry with the exploitation of human misery for specious political gain. Coffee.

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