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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

E = MC2.....

A cricket ball is hit directly upwards at a speed of 20 m-s. The height, (h), of the cricket ball above the ground after (t) seconds is given by the equation:

h = 20t - 5t2

The cricket ball will hit the ground when the value of h = 0.

Formulate, and solve, a quadratic equation to determine when the cricket ball will hit the ground.....

"No need, cobber! Warnie dropped it!"

This is termed the Pietersen Effect (Pe) [also known as the Flintoff Factor (Ff)], and it can be calculated as follows:

Pe = Ssc[1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + (62)] + Wdc + Bn + Unh - [c x 4x]

where: Ssc = Pietersen scoring strokes; Wdc = number of Warneian dropped catches; Bn = number of Leeian no balls; Unh = number of nhowzats; and, c = the couldn't care 4x constant.

Philip, "Yep! We won! For once we didn't make an 'ash of it. Time for a glass of Billabong 2001?"

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