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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A brief personal comment.....

I don't like commenting on myself, believing strongly that it is the argument that matters and not the person. Philosophically, the truth value of a notion, or idea, is not determined by the speaker. Unfortunately, I know that there is a lot of (often deliberate) disinformation about me out there on the web, and I should just like to correct a couple of points, particularly for any journalists using such specious sources.

Please note that I am no longer a member of the Scientific Alliance; I have not been a member for some time now. Indeed, I must stress that I am not a member of any environmental- or science-related organisation. This is a deliberate decision to maintain my complete academic independence. I have accordingly no links with industry or with any 'Green' groups.

For the record: I have always voted Labour; I am mildly left-wing politically; I am strongly anti-tobacco; and, above all, I try to make independent comments based on the evidence. I also dislike ad hominem debate, and I personally try to use any ad hominem comment only lightly and, I hope, with some affection.

Finally, I must add that there are many statements about me out there on the web which are just plain wrong. On one web site, I am quoted as saying something about another scientist in a programme on which I did not even appear. C'est la vie!

Above all, I trust that people will respect the fact that I form my own opinions, as I see the evidence, and that I am totally independent.

If you really want to know my position on matters, then read the many essays on my more formal web site at: 'A Parliament of Things'.

Philip, thanks. Enough Stott, Ed.

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