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Friday, October 07, 2005

Critique of Kyoto science wins award for best science journalism.....

British journalists please note. While so many journalists in the UK have entirely abandoned their critical heritage where 'global warming' and the Kyoto Protocol are concerned, this is not so elsewhere.

It is thus encouraging to be able to report that the Free University of Amsterdam (with the VU Medical Center) and Hogeschool Hindesheim have awarded Marcel Crok a prestigious prize for the best science journalism with respect to his detailed article arguing that science underlying the Kyoto Protocol was based on flawed statistics.

Here are two news reports of the award: in Dutch: 'Marcel Crok winnaar Glazen Griffioen 2005' (Nieuwsbank, October 5); and in English: 'Article on M & M wins Dutch science journalism award' (Climate Audit, October 6).

The original article was published in the Dutch magazine, Natuur Wetenschap & Techniek (February 1, 2005).

'Global warming' a bit of a Crok, then? As Bertie Wooster would intone: "Knock me down with an F!"

See also: 'Breaking the hockey stick' (Financial Post, January 27, 2005).

Philip, going Dutch. Cheap at the price. Coffee?

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