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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Science editor spots the politics.....

It is good to witness Newsnight (BBC 2) reporting the politics of climate change with more insight and subtlety than other programmes. Here is Susan Watts, the Science Editor, on last night's show:
"But some remain nervous that unbeknown to us all Blair and Bush may have agreed privately to ditch Kyoto-style cuts in favour of long-term technology such as nuclear power and carbon storage."

Oh! I do hope so. I'm not nervous at all, Susan. And here is just one of the reasons why, as the poor old Kiwis are belatedly realizing to their cost: 'Kyoto goals not attainable without crushing the economy' (The National Business Review, New Zealand, October 17):
"A new report by economic consultancy Castalia reiterates and amplifies earlier warnings about the cost to the economy of attempts to meet greenhouse emission goals set out by the Kyoto accord, saying significant social and economic dislocations are in [sic] the cards should the government make a serious compliance attempt..."

Hakas all round!

Philip, off to lunch. "Macaroni cheese, mate?". Yum! Yum!

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