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Friday, October 14, 2005

A stake in the Kyoto Protocol's and the IPCC's heart.....

Another stake has just been driven into the heart of the monstrous Kyoto Vampire:

From the ''Statement' of Lord Nigel Lawson, House of Lords, former Chancellor of the Exchequer (1983-1989) and former Secretary of State for Energy, United Kingdom, on the 'Kyoto Protocol: Assessing the Status of Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Gases' (U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works Hearing Statements, October 5, 2005):
"In conclusion, I believe that the IPCC process is so flawed, and the institution, it has to be said, so closed to reason [my emphasis], that it would be far better to thank it for the work it has done, close it down, and transfer all future international collaboration on the issue of climate change, where the economic dimension is clearly of the first importance, to the established Bretton Woods institutions."

And just read this:
· "The IPCC’s consistent refusal to entertain any dissent, however well researched, which challenges its assumptions, is profoundly unscientific;

· Although its now famous 'hockey stick' chart of temperatures over the last millennium, which inter alia featured prominently in the UK Government’s 2003 Energy White Paper, is almost certainly a myth, the IPCC refuses to entertain any challenge to it;

· The IPCC's scenarios exercise, which incidentally incorporates a a demonstrably fallacious method of inter-country economic comparisons, manifests a persistent upward bias in the likely amount of carbon dioxide emissions over the next hundred years. For example, a combination of steadily increasing energy efficiency and the growth of the less energy-intensive service economy has led to a steadily declining rate of growth of carbon dioxide emissions over the past 40 years: all the IPCC's scenarios unaccountably assume an abrupt reversal of this established trend."

Indeed, read it all. [So much for Mr. Oliver Letwin! See my Wednesday blog, below].

Philip, are we, at last, going to witness the monstrous Kyoto Protocol laid to rest? Now where is that big wooden cross? "A cup of Earl Grey first, Mary?".

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