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Monday, December 12, 2005

And in a parallel world.....

The Narnian Chronicle
12 Winterval, Year 100

'Drastic global warming threat from Pantheron Dileoxide': Chief Wolf speaks out

By Our Own Correspondent, Digdirt the Dwarf

Today, the Wolf Council of the White Queen, Imperial Majesty Jadis, Empress of the Lone Islands, Queen of Narnia, Chatelaine of Cair Paravel, the Witch of Narnia, ('May She Freeze Forever!'), howled an apocalyptic warning in the Narnian Independent that the world is threatened by drastic global warming from the continued emissions of Lion's Breath, Pantheron Dileoxide (PL2). "PL2 is a dangerous, roaring greenhouse gas", the Chief Wolf, Maugrim, growled. "It melts everything, even frozen fauns and fountains. Climate change is the biggest threat ever to Narnia - we might even have Christmas, and the Queen's war chariot polar bears will have nowhere to live", he snarled.

Maugrim then demanded an immediate return to zero emissions, on pain of eternal freezing and statuification, and ordered anyone seeing a big lion to muzzle production with immediate effect. Otherwise, Narnia would be doomed, with disastrous floods, rising seas, the spread of leopards and dryads - not to mention the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve -, extremely early springs (with pink flowers), and leaves on the sledge (Old Narnian: sled or sleigh) tracks... (continued on Page III, Col. 2)

Philip, don't miss the film [the Disney site requires the Flash plug-in]. It is fabulous - and, by Aslan's Mane, is global warming good! "Philip the Centaur for Narniaaaaa - and AAAAAAslaaan!"

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