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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Biased reporting in the UK - the bit conveniently left out of Clinton's Montreal speech....

Today's little blog [please read Saturday's blog, below, for my serious analysis of Montreal] should worry every good soul in the UK. It illustrates that our reporting on climate change - including to my knowledge by the BBC - is some of the least reliable. In the feeding orgy over Clinton's impromptu Montreal speech, everybody seems conveniently to have forgotten to report that Mr. Clinton also said that:
"... given the impasse over global targets for emissions, countries might do better to consider specific, smaller initiatives to advance and disseminate technologies that could greatly reduce emissions in both rich and poor countries.

'If you can't agree on a target, agree on a set of projects so everyone has something to do when they get up in the morning,' he said."

No targets? Small regional projects? Clean technology transfer? Where is this in any British newspaper or broadcasting outlet?

I am grateful to the excellent 'Muck and Mystery' blog for filling us in on this little lacuna (fully covered, however, in The New York Times). Worryingly, 'Muck and Mystery' also appends the following comment:
"Gee, if all we had was the beeb, Wired and AP to inform us we'd never hear this..."

Indeed, it is concerning. And just watch as the euphoria turns to sour reality....

A point that Christopher Booker is at pains to make re David Cameron in today's The Sunday Telegraph: 'Cameron's first goof is on Kyoto':
"... The EU may wax sanctimonious about the US, but it is America that has cut its emissions, while the EU's continue to rise, hopelessly missing its Kyoto targets. Wind power now appears to be pie in the sky, while the penny drops that nuclear is the only answer. 'Kyoto-ism' is seen as a mad self-deception, which can only result in crippling the world's economies to no purpose..."

Philip, hat tip to 'Muck and Mystery'. Lunch - a lovely gooseberry-full English white wine based on the Bacchus grape too!

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