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Monday, December 12, 2005

Canada goose bumps the British press.....

Unlike the remiss UK media (see Saturday and Sunday blogs, below), the Canadian media reports Clinton's Montreal speech with a tad more nuance - 'Clinton, echoing Bush, says climate change can be curbed by voluntary efforts' (CJAD, December [9] 12):
"Former U.S. president Bill Clinton sounded a lot like George W. Bush in a speech to a UN conference Friday, suggesting climate change could be painlessly curbed through voluntary efforts and new technology.

He made no criticism of the Bush administration for refusing to embrace the mandatory targets of the Kyoto Protocol, or for refusing to discuss a long-term global agreement to cut greenhouse emissions."

As I complained below: "Well shiver me timbers! You wouldn't have known that from the Beeb!"

Philip, had to get this in before breakfast. The UK reporting of Montreal has been manic-depressive - as it has been after every such conference since 1997. I need a soothing cuppa. "Have a nice day!"

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