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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Most hubristic name of the moment.....

The organisers of today's 'global warming' marches (see blog below) call themselves, most hubristically some unkind people might say, the 'Campaign Against Climate Change'. Oh me! Oh my!

SunspotsI await eager volunteers to cap volcanoes, to wrestle with the Earth's axis, to dampen down sunspots, to adjust the cosmic ray flux, to divert ocean currents, to MOP (in joke) up water vapour, to re-model the Tibetan High Plateau, to intercept asteroids, to dust the world, and to manage chaos.... among other Herculean tasks.

[Upper right: urgently required: superpersons to control sunspots. Image: NASA, not copyrighted. From Wikipedia.]

Willing Herculean types (or Don Quixotes) please visit here.

But again, the Bard has got it right (this time Henry IV, Part One: Act III, Scene 1):
"Glendower: 'I can call spirits from the vasty deep.'

Hotspur: 'Why, so can I, or so can any man; But will they come when you do call for them?'"

Come back King Canute; all is forgiven.

Philip, enough of this for today. "False consciousness all round", say I. "I can call dinner from the kitchen" - "And it has come!" Brava for superwoman! "Pour the Pomerol '96!"

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