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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wind farms blown off course by punitive costs.....

As long-predicted on 'EnviroSpin', a chill wind is beginning to blow through Utopia: 'Windfarm failure fuels energy doubts' (The Daily Mail, December 6: scroll down to internal link):
"Fresh doubt has been cast over Britain's ability to meet renewable energy targets after an offshore windfarm project pioneered by Germany's E.On [Scarweather, off Swansea Bay, Wales] was put on hold because it is not financially viable...

... And the failure to bring the project to fruition may strengthen the Government's hand as it tries to soften public opposition to the building of nuclear power plants."

One by one, big wind farm projects are being put on hold as the high costs start to bite in the bracing air. Reality is proving to be Cold Comfort Wind Farm.

Philip, hardly blown over. Many wind farm projects are like letting your hard-earned cash blow away in the breeze. Time for tea? "I hope Windy Miller has ground some flour for the scones."

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