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Friday, January 13, 2006

Methane research creates a stink in the 'global warming' farmyard.....

..... and even in the august Financial Times (January 13): 'Beware how you meddle with climate change':
"Climate scientists would have us believe there is no doubt about the basics of global warming and the time for action is now. The recent spate of large revisions of the facts tells a different story. Yet politicians are still being pressed to do the impossible: modify the huge, chaotic system that is the earth's climate in ways guaranteed to be beneficial for all.

We should count ourselves lucky that, for once, politicians do not share such delusions of omniscience."

Just so.

Philip, a will o' the wisp if ever there was one. Time for some humility - we know pretty well nothing about 90% of what drives climate. Now lunch is a different matter. Butternut squash soup all round...

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