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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Never undercook 'global warming'.....

BarbecueThis has to be the wurst 'global warming' story ever: 'Warm weather "to boost food bugs" (BBC Online Health News, January 4):
"Britain could see a dramatic increase in food poisoning cases and waterborne disease as the warmer, wetter weather linked to climate change takes hold.

Hotter summers could lead to more salmonella cases as people opt for more barbecues but leave food out of the fridge...

Heavy rain may also lead to more cases of diarrhoea-inducing cryptosporidium..."

Thus: 'global warming' = Oz lifestyles = more barbies = more underdone sausages = Delhi belly = crap hitting the fan.

But a few weeks ago, we were all blubbering about having to chew whale meat and reindeer steaks as Britain became an Arctic tundra. Make yer minds up!

Only one thing is certain, freezing or frying, our media will never undercook a 'global warming' scare story. What a load of .....

Philip, personally going for a bit of warming - a few productive vines might make my old age vintage years. Now, that'll keep the bugs at bay. "A drop of Chataeu Stottenheimer, 2016?" Such a nose! Pink burger with a touch of charcoal and a hint of salmonella. [Image available from Wikipedia under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2]

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