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Monday, January 16, 2006

Our Madeleine of the Sorrows.....

Today must be Weeping Monday for The Tall Order of the Green Bunnies, and they have put out the bunting and the washing for two of their most lachrymose of saints, Saint Madeleine of the Groaniad and Saint James of Gaia.

As they peg out their dirty linen in public, it is, at last, dawning on these unhappy souls that people just won't do what they are told to do about 'global warming' (Saint Madeleine) and, in any case, why bother, because it's all too late (Saint James).

I fear the blackbird of harsh political reality has come down and pecked off their noses.

Mind you, as their pessimism grows, so does my optimism! Good Wife Stott just burst out laughing when she read The Madeleine. And, there was I thinking that The Independent had lectured us last week about the dangers of over-apocalyptic reporting. "When will they ever learn."

And, finally, there is that Chris Huhne (who he?) and his Eco Tax Heaven! The Lib Dem Pantomime Horse just gets funnier by the day (one candidate per leg). But who is pulling the tail?

Philip, in his counting house, counting out the sheer nonsense that is written about 'global warming'. "If I had as many pound coins as daft stories about 'global warming'....." But note: as the world turns sensibly back to adaptation to climate change, the control bunnies will fly into an even greater hysterical rage. Splendid. Breakfast, coffee, and then the Great Wen.

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