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Monday, January 09, 2006

"Selling tampons to men!" Let's hope The Independent heeds its own report.....

As one of the worst scaremongering rags on the market, I find it somewhat amusing that The Independent carries the following media report: 'Green issues: It's not the end of the world' (The Independent, January 9):
"Journalists have a responsibility to cover climate change, but make the pieces too gloomy and readers will fail to listen."

Particularly enjoyable is the comment from the wonderfully-named Solitaire Townsend (reminds one of a Bond movie!):
"'If we keep telling people that Armageddon is inevitable, we risk creating an epidemic of apathy,' says Solitaire Townsend, managing director of Futerra. 'If you create fear you must create hope and agency - the ability to do something about it, and believe that you can do something about it.' She says that telling the public to take notice of climate change is proving 'as successful as selling tampons to men'."

Well, as you know, we have been warning about this on 'EnviroSpin' for a long time, if not in quite so earthy langauge.

And, as for muzzling the sceptics? Not a chance, FT Fiona. Indeed, as I go around speaking, I am finding increasing scepticism about both the science and the politico-economics. It is very much the duty of the media to report the critical position - indeed, it should represent the critic.

Philip, observing with wry amusement the sheer fatuousness of the Armageddon approach to climate change - in the UK last year, SUV sales rose dramatically to over 170,000 brand new vehicles. Some effect! Coffee - and a healthy banana (skin). Hm! Perhaps juicy carrot cake instead.

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