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Friday, March 24, 2006

Letter and Article of the Week.....

It's the cosmic rays wot done it! Recommended for your weekend reading (a real corrective to the usual 'global warming' hype):

Letter of the Week: 'Finally, an open-minded report on climate change' (The Ottawa Citizen, March 23).

Article of the Week: 'Cosmic rays set climate change on Earth, expert says. Scientist challenges greenhouse-gas theory' (Edmonton Journal, March 16):
"Stars, not greenhouse gases, are heating up the Earth.

So says prominent University of Ottawa science professor Jan Veizer..." (read on)

So the answer, as ever, lies in the stars! I always knew that 'global warming' was rather 'Pisces'.

Philip, pleased to see more open material being published in Canada. And Professor Veizer is a formidable scientist.

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