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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Canada cools on Kyoto - why not our Mr. Cameron?.....

Now, here is something the British Conservative Party should be doing, Cameron of the Huskies please note. As predicted on 'EnviroSpin', the new Conservative administration in Ottawa is starting the mental, and practical, moves away from the Kyoto Protocol to the new Asia-Pacific Pact : 'Gov't looking at joining U.S. led Kyoto rival. Agreement not legally binding, doesn't set caps on carbon emissions' (The Vancouver Sun , April 25):
"Environment Minister Rona Ambrose says Canada is considering joining a U.S.-led effort to curb greenhouse emissions outside the framework of the Kyoto Protocol.

The Asia-Pacific Partnership is a loose agreement involving the United States, Australia, India, Japan, China and South Korea. It is not legally binding and does not set caps on carbon emissions.

'The key principles of the Asia Partnership Partnership are very much in line with where our government wants to go,' Ambrose said at a briefing Tuesday. 'The Asia Pacific Partnership is something we're looking at'"..... (read on)

See also: 'Canada backs breakaway six-nation climate group' (Yahoo! News, April 25):
"Canada's new Conservative government, which is openly skeptical about the Kyoto climate change protocol, said on Tuesday it backs a breakaway group of six nations that favor a voluntary approach to cutting emissions of greenhouse gases."

How we need such sense in the UK. The sooner some brave politicians start to eschew openly the moribund Kyoto Protocol, the better.

And, remember, Canada has vast reserves of coal, not to mention 1.7 trillion barrels of bitumen sands. "Running out of fossil fuels?" "Not in Alberta, mate!" Cranberry juice and rodeos all round.

Philip, lunch in the garden. The first, much belated, genuinely warm day of the year. The bees are buzzing, the lawn mowers humming, and the black-purple tulips blooming. "Global warming? The way to go!"

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