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Sunday, April 02, 2006

That Sunday Colour Supplement lifestyle.....

There is a most engaging piece of ironic parody from Oliver Pritchett in today's Sunday Telegraph (April 2): 'Recycle your Dijon or the planet's toast'.

ToastOliver captures to perfection the metro-tweeness of the Notting Hill Green bunnies and of all those yummy mummies. Among his more gushing suggestions are:

+ Eat paler toast [*for image];
+ Wash-up in the shower;
+ All steaks to be done 'rare';
+ Only one ice cube in a gin-and-tonic [Surrey];
+ Do not wear sunglasses indoors [celebs to note];
+ Eat only al dente carrots [better sort out NHS dentistry first, though];
+ Pack used tea bags in your baseball cap [William Hague to note];
+ Recycle mustard [for building], in separate holes: English, Dijon, etc;
+ Put contact lenses into one eye only; and,
+ Remove that 'Save The Whale' sticker from your car to cut down drag.

This little comment is a gem, a near-perfect example of that fine art of parody - i.e., it is only a mustard grain away from the self-regarding 'reality' of the trendy Sunday Colour Supplement world view.

In one newspaper today, we are informed of the latest Ab Fab Fad - buying fiendishly expensive, designer, 'organic' potatoes to show off at our dinner parties. That really is obscene. Give me cheap flights any day. It is the self-indulgent, 'Green', designer rich that stick in my gullet.....

Philip, "Thanks, Oliver, for a splendid piece. Quite made my Sunday morning." "Now where did I put that Fair Trade newspaper?" [Oxymoron of the Day, surely? Ed.] [*Image: two slices of toast, from Wikipedia, licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2]

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