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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This says it all about climate models.....

Oh me! Oh my! The BBC's Great Climate Change Experiment has bitten the dust, so to speak: 'BBC climate change experiment cocked. Garbage in, garbage out' (The Inquirer, April 18):
"The BBC's Climate Change Experiment started in February and almost 200,000 users [the Good Wife among them] around the World have signed up. With supercharged computers winding down after two months of number crunching, now is perhaps not the best time for the boffins at Oxford University to discover that the data they built into the model is flawed.

Users, including hundreds of schoolkids, who were looking forward to completing their climate-change models in the next few days are now being asked to start again from the beginning, with corrected data.

As you might expect, there is a lot of heat being generated over at the BBC's Climate Change Forum....."

..... not to mention, of course, on various Message Boards:
"I can't believe that this program wasn't completely tested before being released to thousands of people around the world....."

Here is the admission at the Boob ("Ooops, sorry! I meant, of course, the Beeb."):
"If you are checking the date of your model regularly, you may notice it return to the year 1920. Many of you have also noticed that your models have been warming up faster than the real world did over the 20th century [italic added].

We'd like to apologise for having to restart all the models....."

I make no comment. My tongue is tied, and my lips are truly sealed.

Philip, having just swapped from a PC to a fast Mac. It's like having been transported to Paradise! Now back to the 1920s: "Tea under the palm tops, anyone? Oh look at that Ipod on the beach. How did it evolve to have just one eye in its leg, I wonder? A bit like the eye in a flatfish, I suppose?" "Lemon, my dear?"

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