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Monday, May 22, 2006

Some clear thinking in the fog.....

Excellent comment piece from Ruth Lea in today's 'Business Section' of The Daily Telegraph (May 22) (and not just because yours truly gets an honourable mention): 'Climate change policy is as clear as good old London fog':
"..... But adaptation, for all its obviousness, is not the chosen option of the UN's environmental policy makers. They have chosen the 'mitigation' route instead - doubtless motivated by the desire to blame climate change on the rich, capitalist, globalising, fossil fuel burning, carbon emission polluting 'West' (especially the US). This option assumes that climate change is almost entirely caused by man-made carbon emissions and that curbing carbon emissions is essential in order to 'control' or 'prevent' the supposed horrors of further climate change....." [read on]

And very much worth the full read too.

Philip, we need more business leaders to speak out with such common sense. Time for a wee dram.

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