A Weblog monitoring coverage of environmental issues and science in the UK media. By Professor Emeritus Philip Stott. The aim is to assess whether a subject is being fairly covered by press, radio, and television. Above all, the Weblog will focus on science, but not just on poor science. It will also bring to public notice good science that is being ignored because it may be politically inconvenient.

Monday, June 19, 2006

An apology: the sudden removal of certain services.....

I must apologise for the precipitate removal from this blog of certain services which I know were valued by visitors to 'EnviroSpin' (e.g. the daily 'Science News' and the Mini Polls). Very sadly, some of the advertisements put up by the service providers have become increasingly unacceptable for a Family Friendly Site, like 'EnviroSpin', and, in all conscience, I am unable to continue to permit such advertisements to appear on my blog. I sincerely hope that you have not been embarrassed by any of the advertisements that have been shown today (I only noticed them myself for the first time this evening). Needless to say, I was very angry indeed, and I have acted at once.

I shall now seek suitable alternative services, if these can be found. I have already changed the Site Counter to one that respects Family Friendly Sites.

Please note that I have likewise had to remove the Vote, the Guestbook, and the Counter from my essay web site, 'A Parliament of Things'. Again, my apologies.

Thank goodness no changes have been required on the new Philip Stott's Music Box. Everything on this site is under my own control - as they are now on 'EnviroSpin' and 'A Parliament of Things'.

Philip, all for an open web, but it must respect Family Friendly options at all times. Thanks for your understanding. A strong expresso is required.

[New counter, June 19, 2006, with loss of some data]

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