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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The 'global warming' industry (mafia?).....

The excellent John Brignell over at Number Watch has produced a wondrous list of everything that the 'global warming' industry, or mafia, has concocted as media scares (and all on 0.6 degrees C over 100 to 150 years): 'A complete list of things caused by global warming'.

If you think John has missed any of the rampant nonsense (there is so much!), he is keen to augment the list, and he provides a contact so that you can keep him up-to-date with the 'Climate Change Follies'.

John is a man who knows how to balance risks, and he is indefatiguable in rooting out the misuse of statistics. For one's sanity in this febrile world, Number Watch is thus always worth a visit.

Philip, off into the garden. A lovely day, with warm sun and a gentle, cooling breeze. Coffee 'neath the laburnum, I think, with The Times crossword. "Yes dear! I'll repaint the front steps soon!"

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