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Friday, June 09, 2006

Wow! Animals evolve in response to climate change.....

Many newspapers, including some which should know better, are getting over-excited about the 'discovery' that bees, butterflies, birds, and "b....." squirrels might actually adapt to climate change, a story more sensibly reported here: 'Recent, rapid climate change is driving evolution of animal species' (EurekaAlert!, June 8).

Not to be outdone, 'Envirospin', ever at fever pitch, and up with the latest, also reports (for your edification) the story, BELOW:

The Naive Scientist
Philip, off to the garden with Squirrel Nutkin. "Hazelnut coffee do for you, Nutters?" Acorn cups all round! Kind readers: please note that 'EnviroSpin' will now be having a rest for week, after which we shall (hopefully) have evolved new vigour and a sharper tongue, all ready for further 'Daily Gnaws'. And remember: "No gnaws is good gnaws!"

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